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Carrie House Photography

I absolutely love senior portraits. There are some pretty amazing seniors in our local area that are doing great things for their schools, churches and community. I enjoy hearing each senior’s hopes and dreams for their future as well as show them how beautiful they are inside and out. I tell myself every year that I am only going to do 10 senior sessions a summer to keep them unique, but always end up doing more because I love it so much! For 2016 I have to make a few changes in order to balance my time between photography and family. I am only going to book 8 senior sessions (and stick to that number!) to enjoy my summer (and a very special destination wedding to be announced soon!). I will be announcing booking dates after the new year. I have tried to compile a few of my favorite images from each session that I think are the best from my 2015 seniors. If you would like to know what a senior session with me is like, please stay tuned to the end to enjoy my promo video about senior sessions with me, Carrie House. Thank you again for all of your support and cheers as this dream of mine would not be possible with my wonderful clients, their families, and of course my family. Here’s to an outstanding 2015 senior season with the most beautiful (and handsome!) clients around.

I would also like to thank the girls at Level 7 Hair studio, especially Lacey and Jeana, for helping my girls feel as beautiful as they truly are! I love bringing my clients to your salon, so thank you for always helping me schedule, re-schedule, and of course re-schedule some more!

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 2015-12-29_0041 2015-12-29_0043 2015-12-29_0044 2015-12-29_0045 2015-12-29_0040 2015-12-29_0039 2015-12-29_0038 2015-12-29_0037 2015-12-29_0036   2015-12-29_0024 2015-12-29_0025 2015-12-29_0026 2015-12-29_0027 2015-12-29_0028 2015-12-29_0029 2015-12-29_0030 2015-12-29_0031 2015-12-29_00222015-12-29_0023 2015-12-29_0021 2015-12-29_0020 2015-12-29_0019 2015-12-29_0018 2015-12-29_0017 2015-12-29_0016 2015-12-29_0015 2015-12-29_0012 2015-12-29_0011 2015-12-29_0010 2015-12-29_0009 2015-12-29_0008 2015-12-29_0007 2015-12-29_0006 2015-12-29_0005 2015-12-29_0014 2015-12-29_0013 2015-12-29_0003 2015-12-29_0004 2015-12-29_0002 2015-12-29_00012015-12-29_0058   2015-12-29_0055 2015-12-29_0054 2015-12-29_0053 2015-12-29_0052 2015-12-29_0050 2015-12-29_00512015-12-29_0046 2015-12-29_0047 2015-12-29_0048 2015-12-29_0049 2015-12-29_0057

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Amazinggg video she’s so gorgeous!!? I want mine done..