Stow Lake Boathouse

Carly and Jordan

When Carly entered my destination wedding giveaway, I immediately fell in love with her story, personality, and love. I know they were a couple I wanted to spend time with and meet. So when Carly mentioned they lived in the Bay Area, and I was going to be there the next week, I just knew it was meant to be. Our paths were meant to cross. Because seriously, what are the chances? We got to meet up for an engagement session at the Stow Lake Boathouse that was totally not planned since I was going to be there to shoot my best friends’ engagement pictures anyway (coming soon to the blog!!) Carly was just as sweet in person as her emails sounded, and watching her and Jordan together, just proved how much they love each other. I couldn’t be more excited to go out west for their wedding next summer, family in tow of course, and capture their beautiful love story again!

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