Goodbye 2016.Hello 2017

A personal reflection on an amazing year

If you are on social media, chances are you have seen all of the memes that say “Done with 2016” or “is it over yet?” but for me, I am sad to see 2016 go. This has been an amazing year for my business, but also for me personally. I started the year off by taking a huge chance and and investing in film photography. I knew this year I needed to make a niche for myself and define my style, and I did just that. I even got to shoot my first roll on my best friend and her fiancee (now husband) and I squealed out of excitement because I had no idea what I was doing, but it was exhilarating. And I was hooked. I wanted to learn everything I could about film and soak up every blog, video and image. It rejuvenated my love for photography and helped me clarify my goal for the year and moving forward. 2016-03-12_0023


2016 also saw me travel out of the country for the first time for a wedding. I had been to Canada, but being from the Detroit area that wasn’t an exciting out of the country destination. Traveling to Cartagena was a once in a lifetime experience. I met some amazing souls who have inspired me to be adventurous and travel, but I also fell even more in love with my husband and enjoyed a trip with him away from our children. I am excited to be traveling to Jamaica in a few weeks for a wedding and Mexico in 2018. One of my goals for 2017 is to book more destination weddings-so 2017 I am coming for ya!



I also got to travel to the Smoky Mountains to capture my sister in law’s wedding. It was with one of the images from her wedding that I got published for the first time, which was another goal of mine in 2016. I am so excited and honored that a some blogs found my work and published it!



Personally in 2016 we bought our new home in the country and I am in love. I love raising my children next the farm and close to my husband’s family; they get to be surrounded by love and witness hard work every day. We have enjoyed making memories here and cannot wait for new memories in 2017.


Another big professional event in 2016 for me was setting up my first styled shoot in Traverse City with some amazing women, one of which I am not a co-leader with for the Rising Tide Society! I have formed some new friendships in 2016 and am so thankful to have these women supporting my journey and business. I don’t know if I could have made it through 2016 without them and am looking forward to what 2017 brings for us!



There are so many more countless memories from 2016, but my favorite memories include all 24 brides from my 2016 weddings. Last year I had 17 weddings and this year booked 24. For teaching full time, being a mother of two boys, running a business, and having a husband who works two full time jobs, that is quite an accomplishment. But I do it because I love it. That’s the thing about photography, it isn’t about me, it is about my clients and giving them and experience to remember. Most of my previous clients refer their friends and family to me, which is the biggest compliment of all. So thank you 2016 for being so good to me, personally and professionally. 

2016-12-31_0003 2016-12-31_0004


Cheers to 2016! And 2017, I am ready <3

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