Hazel Julia

My adorable 6 month old niece, her best friend Vinny, and her amazing parents

I may be a bit biased, but I have the most adorable nieces and nephews, and Ms. Hazel is one of them. I know, I know I said I will not be doing family sessions or children sessions anymore, but c’mon? How can I not take pictures of one of my adorable nieces? I just love being able to capture important milestones for my friends and family whether it be a birth, a 6 month old session, senior portraits or a wedding. Taking pictures and capturing these moments is a gift that I love to give to family and something that I cherish <3 I know eventually I will be able to help everyone with their math homework, but for now, capturing precious smiles, hugs and kisses will be just fine.2015-11-10_0032 2015-11-10_0033 2015-11-10_0034 2015-11-10_0035 2015-11-10_0036 2015-11-10_0037 2015-11-10_0038  2015-11-10_0040 2015-11-10_0041 2015-11-10_0042 2015-11-10_0043 2015-11-10_0044 2015-11-10_0045 2015-11-10_0046 2015-11-10_0047 2015-11-10_0048 2015-11-10_0049 2015-11-10_0050 2015-11-10_0051 2015-11-10_0052 2015-11-10_0053 2015-11-10_0054 2015-11-10_0055

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