Jeremy and Staci

Jeremy and Staci were married at the beautiful Belle Isle Conservatory on January 4th. It was by far one of the most breathtakingly beautiful venues I have ever been to. Thank you Jeremy and Staci for allowing me to capture your precious memories <3

Garcia-Nagel Wedding-006Garcia-Nagel Wedding-009  Garcia-Nagel Wedding-012 Garcia-Nagel Wedding-011Garcia-Nagel Wedding-016

Garcia-Nagel Wedding-049Garcia-Nagel Wedding-039Garcia-Nagel Wedding-077Garcia-Nagel Wedding-074Garcia-Nagel Wedding-073Garcia-Nagel Wedding-068  Garcia-Nagel Wedding-032 Garcia-Nagel Wedding-200Garcia-Nagel Wedding-021  Garcia-Nagel Wedding-083 Garcia-Nagel Wedding-085

Garcia-Nagel Wedding-098

Not only did Jeremy give Staci a ring, but he surprised his new daughter by giving her a ring as a sign of their new union as a family as well. It was so heartwarming and beautiful.

Garcia-Nagel Wedding-105Garcia-Nagel Wedding-111


Garcia-Nagel Wedding-119Garcia-Nagel Wedding-125-2

Garcia-Nagel Wedding-133

The new Garcia-Nagel Family

.Garcia-Nagel Wedding-149 

After the ceremony we took some time to get some beautiful shots of the new couple.

Garcia-Nagel Wedding-251-Edit copyGarcia-Nagel Wedding-036-2Garcia-Nagel Wedding-279-Edit-Edit copy  Garcia-Nagel Wedding-229 copyGarcia-Nagel Wedding-273Garcia-Nagel Wedding-053-2-EditGarcia-Nagel Wedding-238-Edit-Edit copy

Then we headed to Santorini in Greektown. The food was absolutely delicious! I cannot wait to go there again!

Garcia-Nagel Wedding-074-2Garcia-Nagel Wedding-077-2Garcia-Nagel Wedding-089-2Garcia-Nagel Wedding-127-2Garcia-Nagel Wedding-128-2Garcia-Nagel Wedding-129-2Garcia-Nagel Wedding-130-2      

Cheers to a wonderful life together! <3

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