Kayla and Nick

Kayla’s sister Beth has been with me since day 1 on my photography adventure. She has helped me start by business, given me the confidence to blossom, and the support to continue. When I found out her sister was going to get engaged, I wanted to photograph their engagement as a surprise at Chateau Chantal in December. I couldn’t do it because I was busy giving birth to my second son, but I knew that I would take them back there to Chateau Chantal to photograph them!

Kayla and Nick have easily become amazing friends to both me and my husband (early 2000 rap music all the way!), and we have had so much fun together this past month! I cannot wait for their wedding next May, and am so grateful that I get to be a part of their day. I look forward to many more memories being shared, and lyrics sung over the years!

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