My Spring Break on Film

My adventures with a Contax 645, 6 rolls of film, and the Smoky Mountains

I spent my spring break in the most amazing place that is near and dear to my heart. No I didn’t go to Florida and lay on the beach or go to Cancun and swim in the ocean, and I didn’t rent a beach house with friends and family. I went to Tennessee. East Tennessee to be exact. And no, not the Gatlinburg, Sevierville, Dollywood Amusement Park East Tennessee, I went to the quiet side of the Smoky’s. We went to Vonore where my grandfather lives, and to Maryville where he grew up and went to college. We went Townsend at the foothills of the Smoky’s where his wife’s parents had a cabin off a hollow, and drove through the serene loop of Cade’s Cove where Grandaddy’s father was the lawyer representing the residents who lived there (all the way up to the Supreme Court!) when they were trying to use the land to form the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in the 1930s. We had an Easter Egg Hunt at the farm with our family, fed the donkey, goats, and horses, threw lots of rocks and sticks in the river, and created countless memories.

I couldn’t imagine a better spring break. I tried to use just film to document our trip, and I am very pleased with my results. Are my images perfect? Absolutely not. But it was a fun experience to gain more practice, send my film out to Richard Photo Lab, and wait for the results. So although I didn’t come back from my week with a tan, I did come back refreshed, filled with love and joy, and excited to return in a month for a beautiful mountain view wedding.

2016-04-10_0001 2016-04-10_0002 2016-04-10_0003 2016-04-10_0004 2016-04-10_0005 2016-04-10_0006 2016-04-10_0007 2016-04-10_0008 2016-04-10_0009 2016-04-10_0010 2016-04-10_0011 2016-04-10_0012 2016-04-10_0013 2016-04-10_0014 2016-04-10_0015 2016-04-10_0016 2016-04-10_0017 2016-04-10_0018 2016-04-10_0019 2016-04-10_0020 2016-04-10_0021 2016-04-10_0022 2016-04-10_0023 2016-04-10_0024 2016-04-10_0025 2016-04-10_0026 2016-04-10_0027 2016-04-10_0028 2016-04-10_0029 2016-04-10_0030 2016-04-10_0031 2016-04-10_0032 2016-04-10_0033 2016-04-10_0034 2016-04-10_0035 2016-04-10_0037 2016-04-10_0038 2016-04-10_0039 2016-04-10_0040 2016-04-10_0041 2016-04-10_0042 2016-04-10_0043 2016-04-10_0044 2016-04-10_0045 2016-04-10_0046 2016-04-10_0047 2016-04-10_0048 2016-04-10_0049 2016-04-10_0050 2016-04-10_0051 2016-04-10_0052 2016-04-10_0053 2016-04-10_0054 2016-04-10_0055 2016-04-10_0056 2016-04-10_0057 2016-04-10_0058 2016-04-10_0059 2016-04-10_0060 2016-04-10_0061 2016-04-10_0062 2016-04-10_0063 2016-04-10_0064 2016-04-10_0065 2016-04-10_0066 2016-04-10_0067 2016-04-10_0068

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