A Northern Michigan Destination Wedding

A Sojourn Lakeside Resort Wedding

Tucked away off of I-75 in Gaylord, Michigan, is a sleepy hideaway resort that was once a dude ranch. You would never think that four miles away from the busiest interstate in Michigan would be a resort that is nestled among glorious trees and a quiet, peaceful lake. The resort, Sojourn Lakeside Resort, was the perfect backdrop for Lisa and Nate’s fall wedding. They wanted to create an experience for their guests by inviting them to a relaxing weekend away in Northern Michigan. When Lisa and Nate pulled up to the venue, she told me that she first fell in love with the trees and forest, so we had to make sure to take wedding portraits there. I love everything about this wedding, but maybe it is because Lisa has grown to be a close friend after meeting through our mutual friend 11 years ago. Lisa has the kindest heart, the sweetest smile, and the cutest dog you have ever seen. She is an amazing soul that would do anything for you, and to see her so happy makes my heart sing. Throughout this emotional day, Lisa could not stop smiling from ear to ear knowing her and Nate were married. I am so honored, Nate and Lisa, that I was able to spend your wedding day with you, and tell the story of the first day of the rest of your lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and congratulations! 

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OMG, these are spectacular photos; I feel like I was there..Mumma and Papa Goodrich, you must be soooo proud! Made me emotional seeing you walk her in, Doug…❤️.

Congratulations to you and Nate on your wedding!
Congratulations to Linda and Doug for raising a beautiful
Your photos are amazing, thanks for sharing.