Shelby and Jon

A farmer, marathon runner, and an energetic puppy

I first met Jon when he was in high school playing basketball for my husband. He remembers my husband bringing him to watch me play a basketball game in college with some of his friends (Yikes!). I am just so thankful that these two have asked me to be their photographer because they are truly wonderful people to be around. With my husband and I both being teachers, we can’t wait to see our past students grow up to be successful well rounded people, and Jon is definitely that. Together, Jon and Shelby share the same passion for the outdoors, winter, farming, and running (well sort of..Jon is a great cheerleader!). Jon and Shelby are getting married next winter and I couldn’t be more excited for them. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon and ┬ácan’t wait for next February!2016-02-07_0001 2016-02-07_0002 2016-02-07_0003 2016-02-07_0004 2016-02-07_0005 2016-02-07_0006 2016-02-07_0007 2016-02-07_0008 2016-02-07_0009 2016-02-07_0010 2016-02-07_0011 2016-02-07_0012 2016-02-07_0013 2016-02-07_0014 2016-02-07_0015 2016-02-07_00162016-02-07_0017 2016-02-07_0018 2016-02-07_0019 2016-02-07_0020 2016-02-07_0021 2016-02-07_0022 2016-02-07_0023 2016-02-07_0024 2016-02-07_0025 2016-02-07_0026 2016-02-07_0027 2016-02-07_0028 2016-02-07_0029 2016-02-07_0030 2016-02-07_0031 2016-02-07_0032

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