Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, Lake Michigan, and Family

My family adventures on film

As much as I love being a teacher, and boy do I love it, I also love summer. The best part is, my husband is also a teacher. So that means we get almost 3 months every year together to enjoy the sunshine and make some new memories. This year we decided to pack up and take a day trip on one of our last summer days together. We went to Sleeping Bear Sand dunes with our bags packed with snacks, peanut butter jellies, and our bathing suits. It was an amazing adventure. Very rarely do I just go with the flow, and thanks to my wonderful husband, I am working on that. With no expectations and no plans, we headed off for a day filled with laughter and lots of memories. What was even better was that I shot our trip on film. So many times I take my big camera and take millions of pictures, but then I never edit them. I finally sent my film out and when I got them, I had almost forgotten about them. It was so wonderful to open up the folder and realize these were the images I took that I almost forgot about. So here is a view into our family time together since so many of you let me into your family time.



2016-09-22_0001 2016-09-22_0002 2016-09-22_0003 2016-09-22_0004 2016-09-22_0005 2016-09-22_0006 2016-09-22_0007 2016-09-22_0008 2016-09-22_0009 2016-09-22_0010 2016-09-22_0011 2016-09-22_0012 2016-09-22_0013 2016-09-22_0014 2016-09-22_0015 2016-09-22_0016 2016-09-22_0017 2016-09-22_0018 2016-09-22_0019 2016-09-22_0020 2016-09-22_0021 2016-09-22_0022 2016-09-22_0023 2016-09-22_0024 2016-09-22_0025 2016-09-22_0026 2016-09-22_0027 2016-09-22_0028 2016-09-22_0029 2016-09-22_0030 2016-09-22_0031 2016-09-22_0032 2016-09-22_0033 2016-09-22_0034 2016-09-22_0035 2016-09-22_0036 2016-09-22_0037 2016-09-22_0038Slee

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