Tehmina and Dave

A Montego Bay, Jamaica sunset wedding

When Tehmina and Dave originally booked me, they were going to have a wedding in Michigan in January. When she emailed a few days later saying they moved the wedding to Jamaica, I was hoping that they would want to bring me along, and I am so extremely grateful that they did. I cannot put in to words how sweet of a couple they are, and how much fun we had together that day in Jamaica. There was no stress, no agenda-just us, the beach, and an amazing sunset. I cannot thank you enough Tehmina and Dave for helping me get started on my journey to becoming a destination wedding photographer. I hope you love these images as much as I do!

PS-These are all film scans! So incredibly excited to say that because I have been trying very hard to grow and learn more with every wedding. Isn’t the color on film amazing?!? 
2017-02-09_0001 2017-02-09_0002 2017-02-09_0003 2017-02-09_0004 2017-02-09_0005 2017-02-09_0006 2017-02-09_0007 2017-02-09_0008 2017-02-09_0009 2017-02-09_00102017-02-09_00222017-02-09_00232017-02-09_00242017-02-09_00332017-02-09_0031 2017-02-09_0011 2017-02-09_0012 2017-02-09_0013 2017-02-09_0014 2017-02-09_0015 2017-02-09_0016 2017-02-09_0017 2017-02-09_0018 2017-02-09_0019 2017-02-09_0020 2017-02-09_0021 2017-02-09_0025 2017-02-09_0026 2017-02-09_0027 2017-02-09_0028 2017-02-09_0029 2017-02-09_0030 2017-02-09_0032 2017-02-09_0034 2017-02-09_0035 2017-02-09_0036 2017-02-09_0037 2017-02-09_0038 2017-02-09_0039 2017-02-09_0041 2017-02-09_0043 2017-02-09_00442017-02-09_0040

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