Brittany and Nick

A fall engagement session

It is always a good feeling when people appreciate you and the services you provide, but when a client tells you that they just had to have you, it truly reminds me why I love my job. I am always honored when clients choose me and invest in me, and it is certainly no different for Nick and Brittany. As we chatted during their session, it was ironic in how many ways we were connected through friends, other clients, and even co-workers. We spent an afternoon together at Nick’s parents’ property, where they will be married next June, on a beautiful fall day where the air was crisp, colors were vibrant, and the smell of fresh leaves overtook your senses. I couldn’t be more in love with Nick and Brittany and their story. High school sweethearts, they have been together waiting for the right time to officially start their journey. As we were walking and talking, I overheard Nick whisper, “Sorry it took so long” and I immediately melted. Ya’ll that is love. Love so deep and true that you wish it would have started earlier and and hope it never ends. 2016-12-01_0001 2016-12-01_0002 2016-12-01_0003 2016-12-01_0004 2016-12-01_0005 2016-12-01_0006 2016-12-01_0007 2016-12-01_0008 2016-12-01_0009 2016-12-01_0010 2016-12-01_0011 2016-12-01_0012 2016-12-01_0013 2016-12-01_0014 2016-12-01_0015 2016-12-01_0016 2016-12-01_0017 2016-12-01_0018 2016-12-01_0019 2016-12-01_0020 2016-12-01_0021 2016-12-01_0022 2016-12-01_0023

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