Our New Home

This year was a big change for all of us, especially my 4 year old son. He stopped going to daycare with his brother and started an all day preschool. All summer long leading up to the first day of school I would talk to him about lunch time and recess and raising his hand and what to do if he couldn’t open his sandwich bag at lunch (ok the teacher side of my parenting came out a little bit). I took the first hour of school off so that I could go and drop him off the first day of preschool and was so excited. But when it came time to leave and that sweet little boy ran to me and started to cry, I of course began crying thinking where did my baby go and is he going to be ok? As soon as I gathered myself and ran out to the car still crying, I thought, this is a very hard day for both of us, but there is no other person besides Mrs. Bridges that I would want as his teacher right now. I cannot tell you enough wonderful things about Kristen as a preschool teacher. She is absolutely amazing. She truly loves her job and all of her kids and was born for this. So when I thought about the long year ahead for Carter, I knew it was going to be ok. Now I don’t think Carter will be happy when the school year is over and she is not his teacher anymore. And naturally I know the hard work and dedication of all teachers so when Kristen mentioned about buying a new home, I knew that I wanted to share this experience with her. I wanted to give something back to her to let her know just how much her dedication to all the children not just my son means to me.

And yes Brad is pretty awesome too doing web tech stuff that I don’t understand because he makes Kristen so unbelievably happy. I cannot wait to hear and see all of the memories that these two will make in their home and lives together. So thank you Brad and Kristen for letting Carter some to his teachers home (he will never forget this experience) and being so amazing in so many ways.

And yes, Kristen does have a cat and she made it in some pictures!

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