The Rising Tide Society-Mt. Pleasant Chapter

A group of creative entrepreneurs who believe in community over competition

A few years ago I started following a photographer named Natalie Franke. I followed her because her work was amazing and gorgeous and I truly wanted to emulate it, but I also followed her because I loved her messages. It seemed like every post, every blog was directed right to me. As I followed Natalie and invested some time with her as a mentor, I saw that she launched the Rising Tide Society with the help of some other amazing creatives. Ever since its launch, I have been watching the society grow, blossom and create a whole movement in the photography and creative world. In a business that can be very competitive over markets, pricing, venues, and clientele, The Rising Tide Society formed to break that cycle. Their message is simple: community over competition. That can mean so many things to so many people, but to me it is simple. Working together is better than working alone. It means letting down your walls as a creative entrepreneur and opening up to others who are in the same field and not feeling threatened. It means that a rising tide can lift all boats. I am but one small wave in that tide, but imagine what 5, 10 or even 20 people can do together! Imagine the support, love, advice, camaraderie, and genuine feeling of community that can happen. 


I wasn’t sure I could start a Mt. Pleasant chapter on my own, so when I organized my first styled shoot with Tanya from Events by Tanya, I shared my feelings on community over competition and she was hooked. We decided that instead of going alone, we would become team leaders together. Working together is better than working alone right? So now that you know why we are starting a team right here in Mt. Pleasant, you may be wondering how is it going to work? It is quite simple and oh so exciting! On the second Tuesday of every month, our group will meet at a location to be determined, anywhere from a coffee shop, to a restaurant, or even someone’s house for a potluck, and start to build relationships that are honest, genuine, and supportive. The Rising Tide will also provide suggestions for topics to be discussed within our groups and help to keep our group focused on the overall message and goal.


Our first meeting will be Tuesday December 13th at 120 south in Mt. Pleasant. If you are a creative entrepreneur and are interested in joining our group because this message speaks to your heart, please get in touch with us!  

Below are a few images from our first styled shoot. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of some amazing vendors who also believe in community over competition: Stems and Sprigs, Taby Eaton Calligraphy, Lacey Gepford Makeup Artist, To have and to Hold TC, and Verterra Winery. Look for a full blog post coming soon! 

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