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How to Feel Comfortable + Confident in Front of the Camera at Your Engagement Session

I love engagement sessions and think it’s one of the moments when it really sinks in that you’re engaged! It’s a great time for me to get to know the two of you and helps you to start feeling more comfortable in front of the camera. When you think about it, the last time you might have had professional photos were your senior pictures, so your engagement session is a splendid opportunity to warm up to the camera and capture this beautiful season in your life. I know some can be a little camera shy, so I put together some tips to help you be photoshoot-ready!

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Feel like your best beautiful self. Treat yourself to professional hair and makeup, and stop by the nail salon for a manicure. You’ll want those nails looking pretty in all the close-up shots of that ring! Having professional MUAH can be a confidence boost, and it’s also the perfect time to schedule your wedding day makeup trial. Pick outfits you feel absolutely fabulous in and something that is 100% you! Let me know if you have a side (though I bet you look marvelous from both).

Have fun! A photo session is not limited to a pretty background and pictures of you two looking at the camera. If you have an activity in mind, I’d be thrilled to hear all about it! Want to visit the fair, have a picnic, go apple picking, or set off for a sunset sail? Count me in! Having an activity to interact with can help you forget the camera.

Sometimes I may give you a prompt that makes you feel a little silly, like slowly skipping through a field. I know it may feel a bit awkward, but trust me, you’re going to love the photos! I may ask you to skip through the field a few times, and if I do, it’s not because you’re doing anything wrong at all. I’m photographing variations of the pose because I want to give you a variety.

If you choose a public or somewhat crowded location for your session, forget about anyone else around. You may feel self-conscious, but in all honestly, most people aren’t paying much attention! You’ll probably hear a “Congratulations,” a compliment on your outfit, or someone who’ll jokingly photobomb while passing, but that’s about it! Focus on each other and let the world fade around you.

Last but certainly not least, love on each other. When you’re in each other’s arms or nestled beside each other, don’t hesitate to shower them with kisses on the cheek, hand, forehead, or shoulder. Their face will light up from your affection! Cup their cheek or touch foreheads and enjoy their nearness. Feel free to interact and make each other laugh! Whisper something funny in their ear or tell them what you love about them.

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