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A Mexico Destination Wedding in Playa Del Carmen

A Mexico Destination Wedding

I have known James, or JB, for almost as long as I have known my husband. They will be the first ones to tell you that they didn’t necessarily get along growing up in elementary and middle school, but became closer during high school and college. JB is the type of guy everyone would be so fortunate to have in their life-always down for adventure, can make you laugh until your side hurts and you are crying, help you no questions asked, bring you McDonalds at 12 am when your wife is in labor and stay with you until 4 am when your son is born, and be the best Godfather/uncle you could ask for. So when JB met Beth, we knew. We knew that she was the one that would always be up for adventures, be the one to make JB laugh until his side hurt, be there for him, and love him unconditionally. I am sure they will both tell you that it hasn’t always been easy, especially since JB moved to California and for a few years they had a long distance relationship. But since JB knew that he was and I quote “everything that she could ever want in a man”, we knew they would make it work. When I first met Beth, we quickly became friends often having girls nights while also being dragged to guys nights and  “yearbook nights” in which our guys reminisced their high school years. Beth is one of my ride or dies who knows just how much I appreciate her and her friendship, but more importantly, she has a way of making everyone in her life feel important and loved. I couldn’t be happier for these two and am so honored that I was able to document their love story on the gorgeous beaches of Mexico. So congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Brady-we love you!

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