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Sarah and Zack

I could not wait to get these film scans back for two reasons. One, I love this session and this adorable couple. And two, I wanted to share some inspiration, hope, love, and happiness with both Zack and Sarah’s families. It is no secret, if you are from the Mt. Pleasant area, that shortly after our session, Sarah suffered a brain aneurysm that left everyone in its wake shocked and scared. Everyday I think about this beautiful couple and the love and happiness that they are so eagerly looking forward to with marriage, and remember that this is what it is all about. This is why I love pictures. I got to capture something and someone in a way that will last forever as a permanent memory. I got to create a happy memory for someone that is filled with hope, and to capture Sarah and Zack’s love, laughter, and smiles together is so humbling. So I hope that these images bring plenty of smiles, feelings of hope and of course love. Always praying for you all and looking forward to seeing you walk down that isle Sarah <3
2016-11-09_0001 2016-11-09_0002 2016-11-09_0003 2016-11-09_0004 2016-11-09_0005 2016-11-09_0006 2016-11-09_0007 2016-11-09_0008 2016-11-09_0009 2016-11-09_0010 2016-11-09_0011 2016-11-09_0012 2016-11-09_0013 2016-11-09_0014 2016-11-09_0015 2016-11-09_0016 2016-11-09_0017 2016-11-09_0018 2016-11-09_0019 2016-11-09_0020 2016-11-09_0021 2016-11-09_0022 2016-11-09_0023 2016-11-09_0024 2016-11-09_0025 2016-11-09_0026 2016-11-09_0027 2016-11-09_0028 2016-11-09_0029 2016-11-09_0030 2016-11-09_0031 2016-11-09_0032

  1. Lynne Giles

    December 10th, 2016 at 1:20 pm

    These are beautiful photos of an amazing couple.

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