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Shayne and Alessandro

Shayne and I went to the same high school and she was a freshman when I was a senior. So when she reached out to me to shoot her wedding, I was so honored that she remembered me and wanted me to be there for her day. There is nothing I cherish more than creating relationships with clients and being witness to and documenting their love. That is why I love photographing weddings and being  a part of every love story. We had a great time shooting downtown Detroit and spent the evening laughing and reminiscing. I absolutely love this session and this couple. I can’t wait for your December wedding!2017-05-12_0001 2017-05-12_0002 2017-05-12_0003 2017-05-12_0004 2017-05-12_0005 2017-05-12_0006 2017-05-12_0007 2017-05-12_0008 2017-05-12_0009 2017-05-12_0010 2017-05-12_0011 2017-05-12_0012 2017-05-12_0013 2017-05-12_0014 2017-05-12_0015 2017-05-12_00162017-05-12_0032 2017-05-12_0017 2017-05-12_0018 2017-05-12_0019 2017-05-12_0020
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