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The First Look – Answers and Advice

Hey there! Today we’re talking all about first looks, a hot topic and important consideration in your wedding day timeline. Remember the tradition that you’re not supposed to see each other before the ceremony? Many couples still decide to wait to see each other until the moment when the bride is walking down the aisle, but the first look is a different take on that special moment. It’s a planned time for you to see each other before saying “I do” and to create a treasured memory for the both of you.

The first look is just as momentous as walking down the aisle to reveal your gown. In fact, you’ll be able to have a minute to twirl around, show it off, and hear how much your groom likes the dress you’ve been keeping secret for months. It’s typically only the two of you (plus your photographer and videographer), so it’s an extremely intimate moment to focus on what’s most important about your day —  marrying your best friend! You’ll have a few minutes just to yourselves to relax from the busyness of getting ready and to tell each other once again exactly how excited you are to begin the rest of your lives together. Plus, the first look provides an incredible opportunity for the sweetest photos, they’re sure to be among your favorites from your day! 

Depending the season of your wedding, having a first look can be especially beneficial so we have more light for your portraits since ceremonies take place in the evening and the sun sets early in the fall/winter. It can be a huge help to the timeline because we can take the majority of photos before the ceremony instead of waiting to photograph the whole wedding party and family formals until afterwards, in addition to portraits of the two of you. It aids in the flow of the day and gives your family and friends a better opportunity to enjoy the cocktail hour and reception.

I’ll help you choose the best spot for the moment by directing you to the best light and an equally private and pretty part of the venue. This could be in sun drenched field, a rose garden, the ceremony space, a dock with a beautiful view, etc.! The first look can also be a good time to exchange wedding gifts or read each other a sweet letter/private vows!

A first look is pretty simple and not very complicated at all. After choosing the location, I’ll walk your groom out and tell him where to stand and not to turn around until he has the green light. You’ll be hidden in a nearby spot and I’ll come to walk you to the space and take a few photos from both of your perspectives. You’ll slowly walk up to him and can place your hand on his arm, put your hands over his eyes, or tell him when he can turn. If you’re afraid he’ll steal a peek, you can always use a blindfold!

A first look isn’t limited to only the groom either! You can also do a first look with your dad, the first man in your life. What a vision you’ll be as he remembers you playing dress up to seeing you in your bridal look. Photos from your first look next to the father/daughter dance would frame beautifully or make a wonderful spread in your wedding album!

Or do a reveal with your bridesmaids and get ready for all the hugs, “oohs” and “aahs,” and happy tears.

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