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How to Plan a Sailboat Engagement Session

Want a truly stunning and unforgettable engagement session? I certainly think a sailboat session is the way to go! Michigan is blessed to be the only state that touches four of the five great lakes, and they make the most picturesque backdrop. Imagine a romantic sunset sail with your love while capturing your engagement photos. Doesn’t that sound perfect?! Bring along a picnic basket with champagne, and you have the makings of an incredible evening. I will always be up for sailing into the sunset with my sweet couples! Continue reading for tips on how to plan an epic sailboat session!

The larger the sailboat, the better. A larger boat will enable us to move around more and have more freedom with poses. We’ll also be able to take full-body and scenic shots. A 36″ boat would be the smallest I would recommend.

Sunrise or sunset is the best time for this type of session. It’s when the light will be the most even and flattering out on the water.

Consider hiring a chaser boat so you can have wide shots of the whole sailboat in your gallery. It wouldn’t be needed for the entire shoot but will add great variety to your final gallery. Photos of the full boat and the water are so cinematic and dreamy! These types of scenic photographs are breathtaking when enlarged and printed to display.

Bring props and accessories! A floppy hat, stylish sunglasses, a 35mm film camera, or even a bouquet! Don’t forget that picnic basket and champagne I mentioned earlier either ;)

Even in the summer, bring a jacket as it can get chilly on the water if it’s windy! You could also bring a pretty throw blanket and snuggle up with each other!

End your session with a splash, literally! Change into swimwear or dive in fully clothed — consider jumping into the lake at the very end for some fun and memorable photos!

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