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Tips for caring for your new bling

So you are newly engaged and sporting a shiny new ring on your finger-Congratulations! If you are like me, you don’t wear much jewelry that you didn’t buy at Target, and now you have a beautiful new ring that does need some TLC to look its best. Here are my top tips for making sure you don’t lose that new stone and keep it shiny as you begin your wedding planning journey.

  1. Clean your ring regularly

It is is important to clean your ring regularly to help fight the buildup of dirt and oil that can happen daily. This doesn’t need to be a professional service at the jeweler, but can be done at home. If your ring came with a cleaner and brush use that, but if not, a mug of warm water and dash of mild soap will do the trick. Make sure to let your ring sit for a few (even overnight!) and scrub with a brush. Wash the soap off and pat dry. ALWAYS remember to plug the drain when cleaning your ring!

2. Don’t take it off in public

I repeat. Do not take it off in public. You do not need to remove your ring to wash your hands. So many brides have left the ring behind because they took it off and still aren’t used to wearing it!

3. Buy ring insurance

I didn’t even think of this when I first got engaged. Luckily my fiancee, now husband, was already on top of it and had it added to our policy. A ring is an investment, like anything else, and it needs to be protected. Most insurance companies-homeowners or renters- let you add the ring to existing policies. It is also important to add insurance right away in case the ring is bought months before the actual proposal. Sometimes rings are bought and held on to for awhile.

4. Regularly check the prongs and settings

Every year I go in to the jewelers and have them give my ring a once over. I ask them to check the prongs to make sure my stone is secure. You can also look at it yourself to see if any of the prongs look shorter. While I am there I also have them clean it. Scheduling to take it in around your anniversary is a good reminder yearly to schedule an appointment at your local jeweler.

While I know this list is not complete, these are a few tips I have learned along the way and want to share with new brides. Do you have any other ring care tips? Drop them in the comment section below!

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